Friday, September 30, 2011

How to configure TVS Dot matrix printer in BOSS

1. Click on System -> Administration -> Printing.  Give root password if prompted, a GUI application will open.
2. Click on Server -> Add -> printer.  If your dot matrix printer is connected with your system then it will be automatically get detected, then click on the printer name and click the forward button.
3.  Now you can see the driver for your printer model
if so select and forward else select the Epson-150 driver(it is very generic driver supports most of the dot-matrix printer.)

Once your printer configured successfully you can share your printers with others(who are connected with your computer with LAN cord) easily.  For that you need to enable the shared option by System -> Administration -> Printing -> right click on the printer icon -> properties -> Policies -> tick mark on the option "Shared"


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