Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to install/use fedora 16 (verne) in Debian based linux using virutal box?

This blog post explains you how to install fedora16 (verne) in virtualbox.  Even though i do explain the things in terms of BOSS GNU/Linux 4.0(Linux distro which am using),  it is applicable to all the debian based linux distros like ubuntu etc..

1. Download the fedora linux iso CD image of installable live media from here  you will get fedora-16-i686-Live-Desktop.iso file.
2. Install virtualbox-ose from your repository using the following command in terminal
$sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose
3. After the installation of the virtualbox the menu entry is added in Applications -> System Tools -> Virtual box click that menu entry
4. In Virtualbox click on new -> Next -> Give a name & select os type(say Fedora16, OS -Linux, fedora) -> Next -> Base memory 800 MB -> Next -> Next -> Next -> Next -> 8.0 GB Hard disk size

5. Now Click on Fedora16 (for the first time) will show a small gui that asks you for the input OS either from CD/iso image of the OS.  Search for the place where your fedora16-i686-Live-Desktop.iso file and select it.
6. Soon the OS will be booted.  Thats all but now remember now you are in live mode only.  So, if you want install the live OS into the hard drive directly.  Now click on System tools -> Install/copy to harddrive
7. Give all the options for installation like keyboard layout, country, time & partition details   etc.
8.  Thats all :)

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