Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to know your gmail friend is chatting(keyboard not video) from his android mobile or from browser?

Nowadays Smartphone user base is increased in multi-fold manner.  So while we chatting we don't know whether the person at the other end is chatting with you is using his browser and keyboard are he is chatting from his android mobile.
Picture 1. - Gmail gear

Here is the simple solution,
You just need to enable the google labs' Green Robot! 
So, how to do that
1. Login to you gmail account

2. Click on settings
    Your gmail setting is at the right top of the gmail window with the gear symbol(see picture1 gmail settings).  Click on that now you will get a drop down menu with options like settings, themes, help etc.  Select settings

3. Now gmail will load the settings page with options like General, Chat, Filters, Labs, Mail Forwarding etc(see picture 2 - gmail settings options).

Picture 2 - Gmail settings options

4.  Select labs and search for Green Robot! then enable it.  Thats all... :) !

Now in your chat window you can see a small Green/Red/Orange(according to active/idle/busy) Robot icon to some of your friends who are online but from their mobile.

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