Saturday, November 16, 2013

In the nation where cricket is religion & Sachin is god...

God of Cricket
The world may wonder why this nation and the citizens of this nation is so emotional & so excited about sachin's Retirement from international cricket.  But, they don't know the impact he made into our hearts.  Sachin is, not the only cricket legend of this country, we have cricketers like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Patodi, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble so and so... But, he is different thats what make him more popular than others.  He made Indian Cricket's history into two "Before Sachin" & "After Sachin".  He changed cricket as a religion and many of us to the followers of this religion.  We proud to say we are sachin maniacs.

We are so passionate about Sachin during our childhood, Do you want to know how much?

1.  We do watch even practice sessions if it is sachin.
2.  We do switch off the TV, if sachin is out,  regardless the importace of the match.  Some of us even cry when sachin out & the players who involved in the dismisal of sachin will become our life time enemies.
3.  In my village many are strive hard to bought their own TV.  Only for the sake of watch cricket.  Yes, obviously for sachin.
4.  We do have many fights between the different gangs of devotees of other cricket players.
5.  We may played with the coconut wooden log as a bat & trunk of a tree or lines drawn on a school wall with char coal as stump.  But, Whenever we have bat in our hands each and every one of us in the team thinks & imagine themself as sachin only.
6.  Almost 9-10 persons of our team is always filled with batsmen only(regardless how good we are really good in batting :P).
7.  The person who have TeleVision and allows us to watch cricket match in his home is a VIP for us.
8.  We bought bubble-gums again and again only to get a sachin cricket card and will become instant celebrity.

My childhood is too joyous and happy, and obviously cricket is one of the reason behind that.  We are in cricket on-ground and off-ground, not only my school playing hours filled with cricket, the class time, lunch time, intervals, chit-chat, week end, leisure time everything filled with cricket only.

Many players came and went both in cricket and in our hearts, but sachin only came into cricket and our heart, he will never go out of both.  Can you imagine any single person in this world history who played a game for 24 continuous years (Exception for politicians, they do have more years in politics than an average humanbeing's life time, that is different).  This 24 years are such a glorious years of Indian(world) cricket, his performance & fitness is always in consistant.  Not a single black mark about him.  Whenever there is a question about his performance he always returned with an answer out of his bat.  Each time one of the indian cricketer got retired from international cricket, the critics starts whistling about retirement of sachin, and we start to pray that should not happen as soon. He never answers his enemies, critics by speech, but with his bat.  He never speaks much, but the world always spoke about him a lot.

All these things happend and he still remains that simple & lovely human being, thats why we call him as god of cricket, and follow cricket as our religion.  You are great, you are so so great sachin, hats off to you...

Many people have the complaint that the (greatness of) sachin shadows other games in india.  But, we the Die hard fans of Sachin will tell "hmm.. well, It's ok if it is sachin".

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