Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to install Samsung SCX-4521-NS multifunction printer in Linux?

Steps to install drivers for SAMSUNG SCX-4521-NS multifunction printer

1. Download the driver file for linux from the following url

2. extract the downloaded file then open Applications → Terminal
Assume that the downloaded file is in the directory ~/Downloads

3. Issue the following commands as in the same order
$cd ~/Downloads/uld

give proper values (mostly yes/no options) whenever prompted

4. Once the driver got installed, connect your printer with the PC/Laptop then do the following steps

5. Go to Applications → System tools → Administration → Printing this will open printer configuration wizard.  (Am Using a debian derived distro named BOSS GNU/Linux, in your destro the "Printing" may be available under different menu item, with different name)

6. Click on Add button, give password whenever prompted. The connected printer will be automatically detected and then click on Forward button. Now a new popup window will open select the option “provide ppd file

7. Now browse to the location of ppd file (which is /usr/share​/ppd/uld-samsung)

8. Now select the ppd file with the exact name as “Samsung_SCX-4650_4x21S_Series.ppd
then proceed.

9. Now, test your configuration with “print test page


Anonymous said...

I have tested on centos. it is working. thank you for your share.

Ashley Babs said...

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