Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to edit/Modify/Delete Bookmarks in vinagre?

Vinagre bookmarks are stored in the file vinagre-bookmarks.xml file under /home//.local/share/vinagre directory.

As all the bookmarks are stored in single line be bit more cautious before editing, otherwise you will endup mess.
(I Recommend to keep a backup of the file before editing)

All the bookmarks are starts and ends with & xml node.  So as per your wish do edit/modify the Bookmarks.

Example entry in vinagre-bookmarks.xml file: <item><item><protocol>vnc</protocol><name>Asset-Mgmt-Client-1</name> <host></host><username></username><port>5915</port> <fullscreen>0</fullscreen><width>800</width><height>600</height> <view_only>0</view_only><scaling>0</scaling><keep_ratio>1</keep_ratio> <depth_profile>0</depth_profile><lossy_encoding>0</lossy_encoding></item>

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