Monday, March 28, 2011

Compiz 2 Desktop(instead of 4) problem... How to fix it?

Compiz is one of the superb package(window manager) that gives a nice 3d look and feel even apple's OS can't be compete with it.

Most of the new users who installed the Compiz got the problem of getting only 2 desktops instead of default 4. So, how could we fix it..

1. After installing the Compiz one got the menu entry in Systemtools.
so, Applications - > System tools - > Compiz fusion icon
If we click the that a new icon will be placed in the panel.

2. Now right click on that icon, we get a pop up options like.. compiz options, reload window manager, etc... find the settings manager and click on that.

3. Now we get compiz Configuration setting manager, in that select general tab. Then select General options.

4. In general Options select the Desktop size. In that there will be a slider with the name "Horizontal Virtual Size" with the value 2. Change it to the value (4) you wish(number of desktops). That's it.

The real thing you can create as much desktop as you wish..
Enjoy & experience the linux...

Note: Am using BOSS GNU/Linux.. (Debian derived) An Indian Linux Distro. for more info
Want to read more about compiz. Refer wikipedia in this link

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