Thursday, May 19, 2011

Want to see What happens during system bootup(Linux) & startup services/scripts

1. While booting the system boot it in single user mode.
i.e press ctrl+alt+f1 <- if you have any problem to see the terminal(No GUI splash image) with messages and informations do the following
In BOSS linux one can see the background startup services and their messages by pressing the F2 key
during startup of the system(i.e during the 'Splash image with boss logo' loaded)

2. While booting select the OS, in which you want to login using up/down arrow now press 'e'. It leads you to the grub menu and now you can edit the
booting options. So now we want to see the messages from the startup services for that just remove the phrase 'splash VGA=xyz quiet'. Then press "ctrl+x" to boot the system. By doing this we are just denying the splash image to load. So we can see the startup services and their messages.

Note: If the messages runs fast and moves in a flash, then just add 'sleep 50' in the startup script (those scripts in /etc/init.d/*) which you want to monitor.

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