Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are you facing the font rendering problem in your tamil-blog..?

My tamil blog fonts are not rendering correctly in browser...
Here is the correct solution..
What to do:
1. Do remove Freesans, Freeseriff, sans-seriff fonts from your blog's template.

How to do:
1. Open your tamil-blog in browser and sign-in [in top-right corner]
2. In Design view click on template --> Edit Html --> Proceed

3. Copy the full html content into your text editor (notepad/gedit)
4.  Then find & remove the Freesans, Freeserif, sans-seriff fonts from all styles(css)
5. Save the template(Modification)
Note: You can see the preview of your changes, and accordingly customize/fine-tune your template.
6. Once you are satisfied save the template.. thats all.

For make your blog/website to be better rendered with tamil fonts in all machines & browsers
1. It is advised don't use Freesans, Freeserif fonts in your blog/website.  We are not sure all the machines have the font Freesans, Freeserif.
If you want to see other's blog/website which is not rendered properly with tamil fonts
2. You need to remove Freesans, Freeserif fonts from your machine(linux).  For that read this my another post regarding font rendering issue 

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