Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to install a specific version of a debian package?

Some times the debian package version which is installed in your linux box (say foo-package-x.y.xy ) is different from what version you really want(say foo-package-y.x.yx).  Assume that both the versions are available in the repository.  So, how we install the exact version we needed..? Here comes the solution, from terminal issue the following command,

$sudo apt-get install foo-package=y.x.yx
Replace the foo-package with your packagename, y.x.yx with the version (name)number you need.  Now, the package with the given version will be installed.

If you want to see all the available versions of particular debian package in the repository.. do the following,
$sudo apt-get update 
The above command updates the package index of your machine with the repository.
$sudo apt-cache show <package-name>
The above command shows the details of package, where we find version details also.

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