Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to add border to photos using gimp?

By script-fu method:
1. Open/Load the image to which you want to add the border into gimp
2. Click on Filters -> Decor -> Add border -> Give X,Y(breadth,width) value & select the color -> OK
Note:  This method will increase the dimension of the existing image by the value you given in X,Y value.  To repeat/increase the border size use ctrl+f
3. You can add other border types like Fuzzy border which is available in the same menu as above

By shrink & layer method:
1. Open the image in gimp, select the full image ctrl+a.
2. Shrink the image using Select -> Shrink
3. Create a new layer with default dimension by Layer -> New Layer
4. Invert the selection by Select -> Invert or ctrl+i
5. select the paint bucket tool, select either color or pattern, then click on the border region
Note: This method will shrink the visibility of the original image dimension by the value give in shrink.


okie said...

Open an Image in GIMP
Press Ctrl + A.
Right click > Edit > Stroke Selection
Select Color, Thickness press OK


kenzie jones said...

Thanks for the above post. In your blog you mentioned for add border to photos by using gimp.But if we want some different border rather then basic borders then how we do it? The size of the photo is automatically increase with its standard size.
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