Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thamizh wikipedia reaches 60th position among all the languages and 2nd in india in terms of number of articles... :)

  Hope almost all of us(especially whose life&survival quite depends on google, wiki) know very well about english wikipedia.   How may of us know about the wikipedia in our mother tongue..? 

For thamizh we have http://ta.wikipedia.org

Some more details:
Thamizh is the 18-th most spoken language in the world (terms of no. of speakers)(have doubt..? or want proof..? google it..)

Total no.of articles in thamizh wikipedia is about 51,500

Thamizh wikipedia is@60-th position with all other languages(based on no.of articles) and 2nd in india(hindi holds 1-st position, telugu at 3-rd position) http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wikipedias

Good news is anyone can edit(either as a registered user or anonamouly) articles in thamizh(any language-ofcourse if you know the language) wikipedia.  So, give a try.

Wikipedia is the 5th most accessed website in the world, running only by the funds from public, maintained by a non-profit organization, since its starting not showed a single commercial advertisement, and never in the future. 

Note:  All the details/statistics furnished above are as on 13-2-2013.

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