Monday, February 25, 2013

How to know/follow an original account of a celebrity in twitter?

  Are you sure that you are following the original account of a celebrity in the twitter..?
May be the question is strange to you...(for some people may be not).  But, in reality it is true.  Yes, it is true, in twitter there are hundreds of fake account for every celebrity from Amitabh bachan to Amisha patel, Rajinikanth to Rakki sawant, Sachin tendulkar to Shilpa shetty.  It is a kind of identity theft.

  So, how to find the real/original celebrity account in twitter..?

  A long back twitter introduced a feature "Verified account".  It ensures the identity of the twitter account holder.  So, before follow any celebrity in twitter, ensure the account is a verified one or not(Some exceptions are there, Still there are few celebrity[in terms of my/your opinion] either don't have twitter account or their twitter account is not yet verified.. ).

  So, how a verified twitter account look like?
  All the verified accounts have a white color tick mark in side a small blue color GEAR(Wheel with teeths) like this,
Verified twitter account of A. R. Rahman
 How to find these verified account and follow it..?  Just search the celebrity name in the twitter which returns all the related results, now select only people.  Find the account with the symbol.

For your convenience i list some Indian celebrities verified twitter accounts, Just click and follow.


Note: Few web sites/services are there there that scans you account, and provide you a detailed report about your follower/following.  One such nice website is - Don't worry about your username and password it just going use twitter's OAuth.   But, you have to authorize the app to access your account.

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