Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to create a Linux repository for the intranet/local machines?

1. Copy the whole repository of a particular linux distro(BOSS Gnu/linux, ubunutu) into a harddisk(external/internal), either by debmirror command or request/contact to the repository maintainers.
 1.1 Copy the repository using debmirror
   $debmirror -a -d -s --method= -h --root= --no-source --progress --ignore-release-gpg 
   switch a - architecture, d - distro etc..  Note: For more information read man pages of debmirror

$debmirror -a i386 -d savir -s main,main/debian-installer --method=http -h --root=boss --no-source --progress --ignore-release-gpg /home/test/repository

2. install apache2 web server using
 $sudo apt-get install apache2

3. Either copy the whole content distro copy "/home/test/repository" to "/var//www" directory, or give a link to /home/test/repository in /var/www

4. find the ip address of the machine(where you do all the above procedures. i.e machine in which you keep the local/intranet repository/server) using
 $sudo ifconfig

5. add the following line as first entry in the  /etc/apt/sources.list file of all the linux machines that connected to the intranet as follows
 deb http:///boss savir main contrib non-free

6. Try apt-get update from the client machines if it updates fine, everything is fine.  Your local intranet repository is setup successfully.

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