Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to insert a table in your blogpost without much work?

Almost all of the bloggers(blogspot users, I don't know about wordpress features) face this while they writing some blog posts.  Many time we like to include a table in the blogpost, Due to the extra coding work (we need to write table creating html code manually) we don't do it.  Table is a very simple feature to add, but i don't know why google didn't added this to the blogger... :(.  Hope they will soon make us one.

  So, lets come to the point.  It is pretty much easy to insert a table with contents.  There is a web(site) [Tableizer]url which gives u this table creation as a service.  And the things is you are allowed to modify the table's view like colour, font, font size etc.

How to:
1.  Use your office suite's spread sheet application (ms excel, libreoffice calc etc).  Yes, am not kidding just input the  contents then copy that.

2. Goto this Tableizer url and paste it at the given box.  Click -> Tableize it.  Thats all.

3.  Copy the shown visual table(or the html code) and paste it into your post.

For example I want to create a 3x3 table with input 1..9 like this.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Open libreoffice -> calc -> input 1,2,3 in first row, 4,5,6 in second row, 7,8,9 in third row.  Copy that 3x3 cells with the content, now follow steps 2 & 3.  The resultant table is shown below.


you are done... :)

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